Explore Career Opportunities

Bschool Travel helps support MBA clubs with their corporate treks. From Tech to Marketing, we have an expansive network of companies that we can supplement with your own school’s contacts. In addition, we handle the burden of managing all the travel and event logistics along the way.

Tech Trek

Visit some of the top tech companies in SF, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, and Mountain View! Follow up corporate visits with a trip to Napa Valley to enjoy some well-deserved winery tours!

Marketing Trek

Visit some of the top CPG companies in Chicago and learn about life as a Brand Manager. Conclude your trek in Chicago with a pub-crawl in Wrigleyville.

Retail Luxury Trips

Retail & Luxury Trek

Welcome to the Big Apple, the hub of retail and luxury. Visit traditional luxury retailers as well as new-age direct to consumer brands.

Energy Trek

Head to Houston to meet with some of the leading companies in renewable energy and cleantech.

Entertainment & Media Trek

Head to the City of Angles where you will visit traditional entertainment studios, gaming developers, and some of the largest streaming services.

Travel Hospitality Trips

Travel & Hospitality Trek

Viva Las Vegas! Get a behind the scenes look at some of the largest hospitality brands in the world and learn what a career in hospitality looks like.

Planning a Corporate Trek? Contact us here to see if we can help.