J.P. for 2019 Japan Trek

“It was an amazing time, Dale and Dhruv spent a lot of effort making sure that logistics were flawless, the food was on point, and the experiences absolutely unforgettable. I would go on this trip again hands down!!!”

N.F. for Ross India Trek

“This trek was fantastic and well-organized – from transportation to the activities scheduled to tour guides. It exceeded my expectations.”

J.A. for 2019 Japan Trek

The trek leaders and itinerary were phenomenal. We covered so much ground in Japan and so efficiently. Japan is an amazing cultural experience and this trip gave us the opportunity to see everything firsthand.

S.C. for Ross India Trek

This trip had a perfect balance of history, culture, outdoor, food, and a little bit shopping! The accommodation and transportation were super nice! Our tour guide Karan was very knowledgeable and I learned so much from him. I highly recommend this trip to anyone interested in experiencing India!

C.D. for Ross India Trek

We had an amazing time! Our guide was great – he knew so much about the history and culture of India and he was great to talk to about anything. We stayed in some really nice hotels, ate at nice restaurants. I don’t think I could’ve enjoyed the trip doing this solo, so I’m happy I went in a group! I’d definitely recommend it.

R.T. for Ross India Trek

This trip was amazing! The desert camp in Jodhpur was unforgettable. Everything was comfortable and well coordinated with a variety of activities from adventure to culture.