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Experience the world, hands-on

Global study tours are so much more than just travel. Experiential learning is in our DNA and drives our pedagogical approach to building impactful and lasting student experiences.

Our Story

Our story began when co-founders, Dale Jarosz and Dhruv Dhawan, met during their full-time MBA at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. Immersive global experiences were the most transformational part of their MBA curriculum, collectively participating in 6 global courses and visiting 10+ countries.

However, these global experiences did not come without a few pain points – mostly centered around affordability, flexibility, and consistency of quality industry engagements. Unfortunately, these elective courses were not accessible to many of their classmates due to the high sticker tag. They also noticed an inconsistent experience across program destinations and were frustrated by the lack of flexibility and customization during the process.

After completing a thorough analysis of the educational travel market, they noticed a few key takeaways. Most importantly, was that the majority of educational travel provider’s core competencies were in non-business-related fields of study, such as language immersions, arts & humanities, and research & science. Business programs were often an afterthought. The travel providers who did specialize in business education were unfortunately limited in reach, typically only operating in one or two countries.

They sought to fix this problem and in 2018, officially launched Bschool Travel, a business-centric travel provider with global reach. Through their own experiences as students, they understood what drove learning development outside the classroom and what key features students were looking for during global experiences.

Today, Bschool Travel supports over 30 university partners across the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. We operate in over 100 countries and have a global partner network of 2500+ organizations.

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Dale Jarosz, MBA
Managing Partner
Dhruv Dhawan, MBA
Managing Partner

Our Values

We believe in access

We believe that impactful experiential learning should be accessible to all students, regardless of which University they attend or their finances. That’s why we offer student scholarships and work with our university partners to offer affordable programs across all tiers of universities.

We take a student-first approach

The student experience is our highest priority. As former MBA students ourselves, we apply a student-first lens to every decision we make with our employer and university partners.

We value our partnerships

We truly view our relationship with universities as a partnership. Rather than a transactional service, we get to know the unique differences of each of our university partners and support them with programming that is aligned with their learning objectives.

We welcome culture

From diverse student teams to diverse perspectives, to diverse industry partners, to diverse global cities – we believe that these diverse cultural settings are a key element to driving student learning and skill development.

We foster community

Community is part of our DNA. We believe that shared learning experiences build a sense of community amongst or students, helping them build their professional network. Beyond these cohorts, we also strive to support small communities around the world through our global programming.

The Bschool Travel Difference

Let’s face it, there are several providers within education travel. However, this is what sets us apart.


Let’s face it, price matters. We strive to build the most affordable programs possible without impacting quality.


No one likes rigidity – and neither do we. We consider ourselves a “sandbox” for our university partners, allowing them to explore new programs without bearing the risks.

Academic Continuity

We stand by that our business engagements are second to none. Through our unique curricular development methodology, we ensure relevant engagements and continuity between classroom lessons and the field experience.

Student First Perspective

From academic programing to travel logistics and everything in between, we always take a “Student-First” approach during our program design.

Sustainable Travel

Our sustainable travel initiatives not only help protect our planet, but also often drive better programming and elevate the student experience.

Business Education Focus

Let’s get straight to business – pun intended. We avoid the distractions of other academic fields and only support business-related study tours.

Our Process

We develop industry immersion programs for business students, who learn best by doing.

From start to finish

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