Health, Safety, & Risk Management

Travel with peace of mind

Tackling any Challenge

Bschool Travel takes safety and risk management support seriously. We’ve put in place careful measures to ensure all participants enjoy a safe and comfortable program experience. With every program, we include around-the-clock emergency assistance. Our emergency response team can tackle any challenge and manage evolving risks throughout every step of the process. From planning to execution, we’ve got you covered.

Your Safety is our Top Priority

Bschool Travel works in proud partnership with Cornerstone Safety Group to ensure our internal safety systems remain best-in-class. Together we’re able to address key components for health and safety, staff training, program setup and delivery, vendor vetting, crisis response, and other essentials.

Risk Management

Prior to any program, our team receives weekly risk management reports and conducts global safety and security monitoring for each country of travel. These reports help guide decision making for any necessary rerouting throughout the itinerary.

24/7 Emergency Operations

During your trip, students and faculty will have 24/7 access to our in-country emergency operations number. From operational support to emergency response, they’re there to support around the clock.

Local Program Manager

All Bschool Travel immersions are supported by a local country program manager. Our program managers are not only there for logistical support, but they are first aid and CPR certified and trained in emergency response procedures.

Safety Guidelines

Bschool Travel has developed robust on-tour safety guidelines and crisis response procedures, for which all team members are trained on.

Mental Health Assistance

We offer access to mental health services, both prior and during each of our study tours.


Bschool Travel has best-in-class insurance coverage to provide peace of mind during all of our global study tours.

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Health and Safety
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