Brazil boasts one of the largest and most diverse economies in Latin America. It has significant sectors in agriculture, manufacturing, technology, finance, and services. Brazil has a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, with startups and innovative ventures emerging in various sectors, including technology, agribusiness, and renewable energy. Visiting local incubators, accelerators, and engaging with entrepreneurs can provide MBA students with insights into the entrepreneurial landscape and emerging business trends in the region.

Destinations of Interest:

  • São Paulo
  • Rio de Janeiro

Relevant Industries:

  • Agribusiness
  • Oil & Gas
  • Consumer Goods & Retail
  • Technology & IT Innovation
  • Renewable Energy & Sustainability
  • Finance & Banking

Relevant Companies:

  • Petrobras
  • Itau Unibanco
  • Natura & Co.
  • JBS
  • Ambev
  • Vale